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Allow me to introduce myself...

"I'm Peat! I am more than a year old now and I just lost my winter coat for the first time. I live on the farm with my canine sister and brothers- Pistol, Jack, and Carl. They are mostly nice, but they get to go in the house and I don't get to anymore. I think that's because I found some plants inside that I didn't have outside and I ate them."

Peat joined us in March of 2023 as a bottle lamb. She was a tiny little sprite who went with us everywhere-- the doctor's office, camping, the pond. She quickly decided that following the dogs made her one of them. She loves to ride along with us as we check cattle, and, more importantly, the deer feeder. She swims. She is on a diet. She is fodder for so many great stories.

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Jun 08

Awe! Pete is growing up!

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